Floatation Tank
What is a Floatation tank?

Floatation pods or more commonly known as floatation tanks are a revolutionary therapy designed to provide the ultimate mental and physical relaxation. It is a unique experience using a high concentration of Epson salts (Magnesium Sulphate) enabling the body to embark in a weightless floatation journey. Our pods are filled with body temperature water to alleviate any altered sensations between areas submerged and those which are not. They’re soundproof and lightless to further aid the calming environment.

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Benefits For The Body

Floatation can benefit many individuals, from athletes and gym goers to both older and younger generations. By using one of our Floatation tanks you can boost an extensive wealth of benefits such as:

  • Improved immunity 
  • Help with fatigue and jet lag 
  • Help with anxiety, depression and motivation 
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins 
  • Creates calm and total relaxation 
  • Improves sleep and insomnia 
  • Relieves arthritis, migraines, bones, muscle and joint pains 
  • Enhances mental clarity and deepens your mental state
The benefits

Floatation pods host an abundance of health benefits, with its most common use being for relaxation and stress relief. Evidence shows that it reduces anxiety and improves sleep, floating will release high volumes of endorphins which is the body’s natural pain relief, the release of endorphins provides a sense of euphoria, which in turn can improve mood.

Floating is a great addition in any sports person’s routine. Floating enables the body to be put in a state of relaxation, removing the pressure of gravity from the joints and muscles, not only does it speed up the recovery process but it also reduces the risk of injury.

Epsom salts will improve skin health by drawing toxins from the body, alongside the promotion of healthier hair. In addition they are widely used to ease muscle strain and aching limbs.

Improves sleep patterns

Some reasons for poor sleep are within our control – like drinking too much coffee, and using our phones in bed. Others like stress, anxiety and pain, are less so.

A regular floating routine can lower cortisol levels (a stress response hormone) and help you disconnect from the pressures of everyday life.

The stress-relieving qualities of floating also mean it’s a great meditation aid, and can significantly improve sleep quality too.

Floating has been scientifically proven to have a greater and longer lasting impact on anxiety than other therapeutic interventions, and to reduce the activation of stress systems in the brain and body.

Relief from stress and anxiety

A small amount of anxiety and stress is normal and healthy, but many of us experience levels which damage our health, wellbeing, and enjoyment of life.

Reducing stress and anxiety is complex, but there are mental and physical drivers that floating can have a significant impact on.

An hour in a float tank lowers blood pressure and levels of cortisol and other stress-related neuro-chemicals such as norepinephrine, adrenaline and ACTH*. It also reduces activity in the amygdala – the area of the brain which is overactive when we’re stressed or anxious.

Heal from injury, exercise and pain

High concentrations of Epsom salts in the water allow us to float weightlessly, taking pressure off of our joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons, which can’t even be replicated lying down in bed.

This is why floating has been reported to have significant beneficial impacts on conditions including hypertension, chronic tension headaches, and chronic pain in the back and neck.

Increased blood flow also allows our body to eliminate waste, toxins, and biochemicals such as lactic acid, which causes pain, tightness, and cramping when left to build up. Coupled with the ability to become extremely aware of knots, tensions, and painful spots, floating allows athletes and gym-goers to heal faster and overcome fatigue. Floating can also provide pain relief for people with many conditions from fibromyalgia to arthritis.

Meditation and mindfulness
  • Regularly practicing mindfulness can be difficult, but holds many benefits. Floating creates an environment that simply makes mindfulness easier.

    A meditative state is brought about more easily due to the relaxation you’ll feel when floating.

    By removing external stimuli in a relaxing environment, floating makes it easier to practice different aspects of meditation, including:

    • Interoception: sensing internal processes in the body.
    • Attention-regulation: directing our attention somewhere without being distracted.
    • Self-regulation: determining our physical response to a stressful environment.

    So, whether you’re a keen meditator, or struggling to sustain a practice, floating can help you develop your awareness, sustain your attention, and respond to situations with more choice.


The covid 19 virus is unable to survive in maintained and sanitised pool and spa waters. Our float pods are automatically treated with a small volume of hydrogen peroxide following every float session. All of our treatment rooms are fully sanitised following each appointment.

Magnesium sulphate commonly known as Epson salts are a chemical compound made from magnesium, sulphur and oxygen.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal due to the deep relaxation the pods offer.

If you wish to float in swimwear, we ask that you bring a plastic bag to place any wet swimwear following your treatment. Some clients wish to wear a swimmer’s cap to prevent their hair from getting wet, this is personal preference. In your private room you will have access to a shower, alongside shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and a towel. We have a separate area with hairdryers should you wish to dry your hair following your treatment.

It’s not unusual to experience a mild itching during the first half of your float. It is uncommon to feel any nausea during your float however you may experience this if you are prone to motion sickness.

Absolutely, floating is a great escape, and a welcome release for pregnant women, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. However, please ensure you gain advice from your doctor, we do ask that you float following the first trimester.

No problem, treat this the same as you would if you were swimming.

The more you float the more you will benefit from the treatment, there is no right or wrong answer here.

Yes, you are in complete control, inside the pod you can enable the internal lighting, you can float with the pod lid open if you chose to do so, the lid can be opened at any point with a light push. Just remember you can leave the pod at any time.

Our pods use high levels of Epsom salts to increase the density of the water, similar to the dead sea, the density of the water prevents you from being able to turn over.

This will depend on individual preference; you can float au naturel or if you prefer you can wear swimwear.

Please allow 1 hour 30 minutes for your float appointment, the float will last for one hour, however you can leave the pod earlier should you wish to do so. Additional time is allocated to allow time for showering after your treatment.

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