Hydrotherapy Massage
What is a hydrotherapy massage?

Hydrotherapy massage, commonly known as hydromassage is an innovative treatment whereby pressurised water is jetted against the body, providing a kneading sensation. The hydro bed is fully customisable, allowing self-control to treat the body or limit control to focus on specific target areas. The bed is purpose built and houses a waterproof covering, allowing you to remain completely dry throughout.

Benefits of hydrotherapy

Hydromassage is an alternative treatment, it provides the same benefits of a 60 minute therapist led massage in just 30 minutes! This makes hydromassage a great choice for those who don’t have a great deal of free time on their hands. The warm powerful jets of water carry an ideal pressure to really get into the deeper tissues, ridding of those troublesome knots without causing discomfort. The genius blend of heat, massage and flotation enhances your overall wellness, increasing lymphatic drainage and the promotion of toxin removal. The temperature-controlled ejections of water will accelerate blood circulation which will provide vital relief from pain and muscle tension. With the hydro bed creating a mattress for the body, this allows minimal strain on weight bearing joints allowing full and total relaxation. Many who use hydromassage also note an improvement in sleep, most likely caused by an increase of blood circulation.


Hydrotherapy massage can also be a great addition to any pre and post workout regime. Whilst the majority of benefits will be achieved post work out, hydromassage pre-exercise can help you to warm up by lightly stretching those tight muscles. That being said, a pre-exercise massage should be on the lighter side using gentler settings. Post workout hydromassage is an ideal way to speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. Following exercise, you will benefit from a much deeper massage – this is the ideal opportunity to turn the pressure up and let the hydromassage work its magic.


No, the water is retained within the hydrotherapy bed itself, you can even remain fully clothed, so you can just lay back and relax.

We recommend regular use once or twice a week, but you don’t need to stop there, the hydrotherapy bed can be used daily if preferred.

A standard massage is performed by a therapist applying pressure to the bare skin and will usually take approximately 60 minutes with additional time for undressing/dressing. With hydromassage, the bed does all of the work, you are left alone and in complete control over your massage, Heated water will ripple up and down the body via pressured jets providing the ultimate massage.

No special clothing is required, so please wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Hydrotherapy sessions typically last 30 minutes.

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